Supermarket superbugs

SUPERMARKET SUPERBUGS: Join the call for action on antibiotics

A huge thank you to those who signed our letter to UK supermarkets! Read responses from Tesco and Morrison's.

In September 2016, our investigation revealed E.coli resistant to multiple crucial antibiotics on pig and chicken meat from seven major UK supermarkets. 

Following this revelation, the Food Standards Agency committed to work with supermarkets to reduce antibiotic use. But we must keep up the pressure.

Zac Goldsmith MP has now tabled an Early Day Motion calling for supermarket action on antibiotics - encourage your MP to sign!

Antibiotic use in farming is putting our health at risk

Livestock - particularly pigs and poultry - are often kept in intensive conditions where the risk of disease is high.

As a result, it's common for groups of animals to be routinely dosed with important antibiotics, even when no disease has been diagnosed. 

The overuse of antibiotics in farming is contributing to deadly drug resistance - a crisis predicted to kill one person every 3 seconds by 2050. 

Supermarkets must take action

The Alliance is calling on supermarkets to adopt a publically available policy on antibiotic use in their supply chains, which outlines a commitment to:

  1. Ban the routine, purely preventative use of antibiotics in groups of entirely healthy animals.

  2. Ban all preventative and group treatments with antibiotics classified as ‘critically important’ in human medicine. 

What you can do

Encourage your MP to sign the Early Day Motion

Take action with Avaaz

Read the press release

Read our briefing

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