Supermarkets and Antibiotics

New Report:

Resistance & Responsibility; Antibiotic use in supermarket supply chains

In November 2021, the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics published our latest report into the antibiotic policies of the UK’s leading supermarkets. Our supermarket campaign is pushing British supermarkets towards more responsible antibiotic policies to improve farm animal welfare, preserve these vital medicines for when we need them most, and halt the antibiotic resistance crisis globally.

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Exec Summary: Resistance & Responsibility report

Read the Exec Summary of our latest report assessing the antibiotics policies of the ten leading UK supermarkets in 2021.

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'What you can do' guide

It’s sometimes hard to tell what supermarket foods have been produced with responsible antibiotic use. This guide is designed to help.

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Resistance & Responsibility: Watch the film

Our supermarket campaign video, featuring Dr Chris van Tulleken, is launched on 18 November to coincide with the start of World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021 #WAAW

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Press Release: Resistance & Responsibility

Our latest supermarket assessment is launched on 18 November to coincide with World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021 #WAAW

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2021 report

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2021 Report

2019 Report: Supermarket Antibiotics Assessment

Our 2019 assessment found that not all supermarkets had taken routine antibiotics use out of their supply chains. Supermarkets still aren't publishing enough data on antibiotic usage levels from their suppliers.

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2017 Report: Real Farming Solutions to Antibiotic Misuse; What farmers & supermarkets must do

2017 marked our first assessment into the antibiotics policies of nine of the UK’s largest supermarkets. We investigated which businesses had taken concrete action to reduce the amount of antibiotics being used in their supply chains.

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2016 Video: Supermarket Superbugs

Our 2016 investigation revealed E.coli resistant to multiple crucial antibiotics on pig and chicken meat from seven major UK supermarkets. We called on the supermarkets to take action.

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